Confirming a representative for Individuals

Follow these steps to confirm a new authorized representative or to accept changes to the authorization level of an existing representative using the new “Confirm my Representative” service.


If your are trying to delegate access to your GST account you must use the confirming process for business and have access to “My Business Account”.

Using My Account*

Follow the steps below to confirm the representative using My Account:

  1. Sign the Authorization Requested prepared by your representative and send it back to them. If your are our client, we will prepare and send the signature page to you by email.
  2. Send the signed authorization back to your representative.  If your CRA account has emails notifications option enabled, you will be notified by email that your representative requested access to your account. If the email notification option is disable, you will need to access you account and verify if there is an authorization pending of confirmation.
  3.  Log in in your My Account.
  4. Confirm or deny the authorization request (you must approve the authorization in 10 business day or the authorization will be cancelled and the process will need to be done again).

* You must have access to My Account. If you haven’t used these services before, you will need to register for an account before authorizing a representative and keep in mind that registration may take several days to be completed.

By Phone

If you do not have access to your CRA account, your representative can do it for you, but you will need to provide your representative with information from your notice of assessment or from a tax return that was processed at least six months earlier. When your representative submits their authorization request, they will need to provide this information. 

But attention, if you choose this option, you may be contacted by the CRA by phone to verify the request, and if you do not answer the phone, the authorization will be canceled and the process will need to be done again.

Source: CRA Website

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